The birth of Tahitian Pearl

The birth of Tahitian Pearl

A cultured pearl is a true jewel of the sea, born of the joint efforts of Nature, Man and the mother-of-pearl. It is the creative forces of Nature that bestow upon the pearl its shape and rare beauty. Whereas precious stones must be polished before they sparkle, pearls already have a warm glow right out of the oyster.


The birth of a pearl is nevertheless an exciting event. Imagine a pearl oyster gently bobbing at the bottom of the sea, doing nothing but filtering the plankton, its only food, from the water. One day, an intruder—such as a grain of sand— finds its way into the oyster’s body in such a way that it is unable to expel it. A defensive action is then set off in the form of the secretion of nacre—the pearly material that builds up in concentric layers around the intruder and hardens up to form the pearl.


Cultured pearls are formed in quite the same way as natural pearls except for one tiny detail. Man plays Nature’s part by introducing an irritant into the oyster—the nucleus—and then steps aside to allow Nature to do its work.

Sibani Pearls combines the art of jewelry with the authenticity of the Tahitian pearl to offer you the widest range of the most beautiful jewels.​ The infinite variety of color nuances offered by the Tahiti Pearl inspire the creation of Sibani Pearls jewelry and make them unique.

Our collections are elegant and current matching the desires of today’s woman

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