Caring for Pearls

Pearls are made up of organic matter and can keep their magnificent luster for centuries if they are worn regularly. They are hydrated naturally upon contact with the air and the skin, maintaining their luster.

Taking care of the pearl

Store your pearls separately from other jewels in an individual jewelry box or a fabric bag.

Store pearls in slightly damp linen if they are in a very dry atmosphere, or keep them near a glass of water.

Immediately rinse the pearls if they come into contact with acid, chemical or food products. Use a soft damp cloth with pure water, and then dry the pearls with another cloth.

Wipe pearls dry after they have been worn using a dry cloth.

Re-string the pearls on your necklace to preserve them and to prevent the thread from breaking.


All contact with:

-    Make-up, sun products, hair spray and perfume

-    Soap, detergent, chlorinated water, and all acid products

-    Talc, dirt, and sand

-    Scratches caused by other crystalline stones or metal jewelry

-    Vinegar vapors and fruit juice acids


Pearls do not tolerate temperatures higher than 100°C; avoid exposing them to (or storing them near) a heat source.

Also, the owner must be careful not to let the pearl be dehydrated if it remains in a cotton cloth for too long.