Proof of Divine Love

The birth of Tahitian Pearl

Every civilization has its own legend on the birth of the pearl. Yet, all speak of a most special connection with a natural or divine phenomenon.

In Polynesia, legend has it that Oro, a revered ancestral god, descended on Earth riding his rainbow. He fell in love with the beautiful princess of Bora Bora and created a black pearl from a piece of firmament to win the heart of his beloved. The fair princess then cast the jewel into the sea in offering, where it was caught by a giant oyster. Happy to have moved his princess, on that day, Oro bestowed upon the mother of pearl the gift of infinite reproduction of this original pearl, from a mere grain of sand.
Across all traditions, the pearl has always been considered as a gift from Nature or God. Pearl jewelry brings happiness and makes women fertile. The pearl offers purity and innocence to she who wears it. It purifies the body and the soul; it brings peace.

The pearl’s mysterious beauty grants it magical powers. It fills the woman up with an energy that favors fertility while confirming her self-esteem. 
The mother-of-pearl and the pearl are associated to marine cosmologies as well as sexual symbolism. They contribute to mana, the sacred energy mostly concentrated in the crystalline waters of the lagoons.


The magnificent pearl oyster is a subliminal symbol of the creative strength of a woman. The coming together and release of the pearl oddly evoke human pregnancy and childbirth. This similarity has definitely helped in spreading the belief in the magical powers of pearls.

For the ancient Greeks, the pearl was the emblem of love and marriage. It favored fertility and positively influenced the harvests. Mystical links and stories associating pearls with women can be found in several countries including, Indonesia, Melanesia, Oceania and the Persian Golf. 


In the Hindu culture, pearls are associated to the Moon and are a symbol of love and purity. This tradition has it that Krishna, the god, discovered the first pearl and offered it to his daughter on her wedding day.

In the Tuamotu Atolls and in the Gambier Islands, the cradle of the Tahitian pearl, when a young woman is lucky to get pregnant, the lovers say that they heard “the song of the pearls.”

Legend also has it that pearls are the tears of the Gods deposited every day in mothers-of-pearl when dew forms. They bring love and fertility. They are a symbol of purity and keep evil away.

Today, people still choose to offer pearls as tokens of unparalleled love. Jewelers all over the world covet this jewel for its beauty, purity and authenticity. By combing it with the noblest materials and the most precious stones, the creators and designers of SIBANI Jewelers are at the origin of priceless jewelry.