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Tahitian pearl pendant in 18Kt yellow gold.



The inspiration

At first, nothing predestined La Bounty to enter the history of Tahiti. William Bligh, its captain, had the mission to collect seedlings of uru - breadfruit tree to transplant them to the Antilles where they would provide cheap food to black slaves. In Polynesia, the uru is used in different ways, baked in a Tahitian oven,  or fried, it also serves as a repellant or is used in traditional medicine.
What could be more normal than paying homage to this emblematic fruit of our islands.
  • Tahitian pearls description

    Shape : Round    

    Grade : C

    Size : 12 mm    

    Color : Aubergine Grey Green

  • Jewel components

    Metal: 750/000 - 18Kt yellow Gold. 4,90g

    Stones : None

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