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Tahitian pearls bracelet in 14Kt white gold.
Also available in 14Kt yellow gold, with or without diamonds.


The inspiration

‘Ōhā’a means the nest, the nesting place. Consequently, it is completely normal that the Polynesians, compared the family, the lineage and all the emotional and social bonds which can bind its members between them to a nest of birds or other animal, in which we are pampered, loved, nurtured, respected, united, hence the choice of the name 'ōhāna to name the concept of family. Thus, ‘Ōhana would be a nest, someone with whom, with whom, against whom one feels safe, welcomed with love, friendship, warmth, respect, kindness, as in a united family worthy of the name. This bracelet represents this nest in which two pearls of aubergine green and gray green color are coiled. Without diamond, this bracelet will be easily worn everyday

  • Tahitian pearls description

    • Shape : Round    
    • Grade : A
    • Size : 8.99 / 8.90 mm    
    • Color : VA100 / GV50
  • Jewel components

    Metal: 585/000 - 14Kt Gold 8.80g

    Stones : None

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