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Tahitian pearl diamond brooch in 18Kt yellow gold



The inspiration

True emblem of Japan, geishas never cease to intrigue us with their mysterious side. They are much more than companion women, but true artists. They must master the traditional arts to perfection as well as know how to play an instrument and dance. Their posture and attitude must be beyond reproach. It was in 1700 that a shogun decree officially recognized the profession of geisha; a strict code then regulated their lives. The Geisha continue to make people dream with their mysterious and untouchable side.

To celebrate the anniversary of our 25 years of presence at the Tokyo jewelry trade show, we have made this elegant Geisha brooch in 18 Kt yellow gold weighing 26.43 g. set with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.77 ct. It’s a unique piece. The pearl of color Grey Green brings even more mystery to our Geisha. Round pearl grade A with a diameter of 10.22 mm and luster or reflects the various colors of our Japanese beauty.

  • Tahitian pearls description

    • Shape : Round    
    • Grade : A - Clean (GIA)
    • Size : 10,22 mm    
    • Color : Grey green
  • Jewel components

    Metal: 750/000 - 18Kt yellow Gold. 26.43g

    Stones : Diamonds, 25 Brilliant shape / 0.77ct

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