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Tahitian pearl pendant in 18Kt white gold

Also available in 18Kt yellow gold.


The inspiration

"Vai" translates what remains, what does not disappear, what inalienably exists in fact. Reason why the Polynesians called water "vai", this element being generally always present, if not on the surface of the earth (river), in any case in profusion underground, in the rock, and even under the limestone rock of the atolls. As for Here, it means "trap" and love. Therefore, Vaihere could commonly mean "Water of Love", which is very charming, isn't it? Or "Water-trap". But, more profoundly, Vaihere means "To be loved, who is always loved"

This pendant evokes the waves of the ocean, it is adorned with three pearls of 8.95, 9.02 and 9.11mm, in color gray green, Aubergine and green. beautiful colors reminiscent of the colors of the lagoons and the sunset. Will wear easily on a daily basis

  • Tahitian pearls description

    • Shape : Round    
    • Grade : A
    • Size : 8,95/9,02/9,11 mm    
    • Color : GV00/A25/V75
  • Jewel components

    Metal: 750/000 - 18Kt white Gold 1,50g

    Stones : None

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