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Margret Cornell

Florida, USA

First stop in Bora Bora - First visit to Bora Bora and I stopped at great place . I bought gifts for my NY York bacheroltte 6 girls trip going to 2021 in July and the pendants are STUNNING . My husband bought me beautiful pendant and I bought myself 2 pairs of earrings. I think the reason I felt so comfortable was the sales person who listen to what I was thinking of buying and brought trays of pendants that made great gift for the girls . It would take me hours on my own try to figure it out ???
The store also have beautiful pearls for any occasion - if you need a special gift or something for yourself THIS is the place to come - when I return to BORA BORA this IS MUST come PLACE .

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Julesand Scott

Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Perfect Pearl!
Visited this amazing g shop yesterday and with the help of the shop manager Yunkani purchased a gorgeous Black Pearl with a green sheen.

Yukani could not have been more helpful trying different pearls to my skin type tofu f the perfect Pearl!

We also met the shop owner who gave us an overview of the Pearl farming industry and he is so passionate about his business.

If you are shopping for a serious beautiful pearls look no further than this beautiful shop as both the pearls and designs are exquisite.

Thank you again!

Jules and Scott x

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Winnie O'Reilly


Sibani Still The Best
Five years ago I bought a beautiful black pearl pendant from Mr. Sibiani. I was so impressed with his knowledge and passion for his life's work of growing and designing pearl jewelry. A few days ago we traveled back to Bora Bora and visited Mr. Sibani"s store. It was Sunday and Bastille Day but Mr. Sibani was in his store completing paper work. He was not open, but dropped everything to talk to us. It ended up we spent 45 minutes with him learning even more about black pearls. After this trip, I have beautiful pearl earrings to match my pendant. If and/or when we travel back to Bora Bora we shall visit Mr. Sibani again. When in Bora Bora visit his shop and enjoy his knowledge of pearls.

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Rachel A

New York, USA

Great selection of pearls and great service!
On my recent trip to French Polynesia, I knew the one souvenir I wanted to leave with was a Tahitian pearl. After shopping around at numerous stores, I landed at Sibani where I was assisted by the wonderful Yuriko. She was kind, not at all pushy and showed me a wide selection of items based on what I was looking for (yellow gold, ring, diamonds, contemporary design) and I ended up with the perfect ring. They were able to provide documents certifying the value and authenticity of the ring/pearl and gave me all the information I needed to complete the duty-free paperwork at the airport with ease.

Most importantly, the pearl itself is unique and beautiful! I sent several other people on our cruise ship to Sibani and they all reported back that they made purchases and left happy. My mother also purchased a bracelet there two years ago on a different trip and it still looks amazing. Thank you, Yuriko! I hope to be back one day!

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Hernando, Florida

Excellent selection and customer service
We had a very limited amount of time to shop. After admiring a set of pearls from another guest at our hotel, she encouraged us to shop at Sibani. We were not disappointed. Yuriko Jade was extremely pleasant and helpful in directing us to exactly the pearls we were looking for. She was patient and kind and - knowledgeable on which pearls would work best. We did comparison shop at a couple other stores but came right back to Sibani. Don't leave Bora Bora without a visit to Sibani!

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Marie Curie


Wonderful experience!
I wanted to purchase the renowned black pearl earrings. I'm very picky, but this shop had so many choices, it was actually more difficult to choose the right ones since I wanted so many! After choosing the ones I wanted (at a reasonable price), the staff was a pleasure in communicating with to make sure all the affairs were in order. Highly recommended!

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Alice N

Moscow, Russia

Несмотря на то, что до этого мы уже успели закупиться полинезийскими изделиями из жемчуга, ювелирные изделия этого магазина нас порадовали качеством исполнения. Без покупок не ушли. Персонал приветливый и дружелюбный (Впрочем, для полинезийцев это норма!) помогли с выбором. Ах да, сразу предложили цену ниже, ибо потом в аэропорту оформляется Tax Refund - Штампуется специальный документ, показывается изделие, документ в конверт (прилагается) и сразу кидается в почтовый ящик рядом. Если этого не сделать, то разница с карты снимется позже (в течение месяца, кажется, они ждут этот конверт).

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Kissako A

Tokyo, Japan


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Après avoir visité plusieurs boutiques de perles à Vaitape, nous sommes arrivés chez Sibani où nous avons été accueillis par Myriam. Elle a pris le temps de nous conseiller et n'a montré aucun signe d'impatience face à mon incertitude. Elle a accepté de mettre de côté deux bijoux pour que je puisse prendre le temps de la réflexion. A notre retour à la boutique, elle savait quel bijou j'avais choisi avant que je le lui dise... Elle nous a servi très rapidement et a accepté d'appeler un taxi pour nous à la fin de la transaction. Toutes les démarches pour le dédouanement sont bien expliquées.
Service juste parfait à 100 %. Merci Myriam.

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Melbourne, Australia

Excellent Range
On a recent visit to Bora Bora I purchased a beautiful Tahitian pearl ring at Sibani Perles. The young woman who assisted me (sorry I have forgotten her name) could not have been more patient and guided my choice with her expert knowledge of pearls. No high pressure sales tactics here! They have a wide range of jewellery to choose from catering for different budgets. I am just so happy with my choice. Thank you!

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